Integrated Project Delivery




Integrated Project Delivery or Team Construct construction delivery method is a collaborative process that integrates a project’s AEC shareholders with the owner to accomplish their objectives in a non-adversarial manner. It involves a combination of engineering peer review, constructability review, cost effective materials and methods, aggressive construction scheduling, value engineering, and consideration for life-cycle costs. This approach unifies the collective skills of the project team, increasing overall project efficiency, while reducing waste.

Limbach History of Experience

Limbach has been engaged in Team Construct since the mid 1980s. Now, this delivery method is commonly referred to as Integrated Project Delivery, Design Assist, or Pre-Construction Services. Limbach provides a proven track record of success to the projects.

Pre-Construction Services

Limbach provides more than most to the IPD process. With our in-house engineering group, Limbach Engineering and Design Services (LEDS), we provide additional service for Value Management and not just a budgeting service.

  • Professional Engineers to challenge the design team and bring additional ideas
  • Additional services from our engineering staff
  • Conceptual estimating of design alternatives
  • Right-sizing of equipment for energy efficiency and cost control
  • Constructability reviews from best in class project management