Energy Solutions




Our co-authoring approach means you always get the right solution – at the right time. As your energy partner, your needs, goals and input allow us to develop a program to save energy – and money!

Utility Bill Audits

We’ll review your bills, searching for errors related to rates, billing structures and taxes. Nearly one-third of all the bills we review contain some type of error.


Limbach engineers will compare the utility history against known benchmarks to identify opportunity for cost savings. More in-depth Energy Analysis will be conducted by Limbach’s Certified Energy Managers to determine the magnitude of energy waste and recommend solutions.

Changes to Maintenance and Operations

Limbach engineering and service professionals will spend time with your staff to ensure that you are maintaining and operating your building in a manner consistent with your business and its goals. Energy cost savings can be achieved by matching the building performance to the needs of the business.


Updating your building’s systems with today’s technology is a good way to utilize the latest energy saving technologies without making a large capital investment and disrupting your business. Limbach’s engineers will provide an energy and economic analysis for Energy Conservation Measures that will improve building performance.

Equipment Replacements

When it is necessary to replace your equipment, Limbach will work with you to determine the product that best fits your needs. The time to invest in replacement equipment is an excellent time to right-size equipment to the present day requirements.