Design Build

Limbach’s Design-Build method of project delivery, represents the highest value service that we provide.

Contractor as Engineer of Record

Limbach provides true integrated project delivery of building systems by combining the efforts of Limbach Engineering and Design Services (LEDS) and our construction operations. The seamless integration of design, planning, installation, and commissioning leads to guaranteed performance at a lower cost than any other delivery method.

Guaranteed Performance

Performance of building systems is guaranteed through the efforts of engineering and construction working together. Our engineers are focused on the success of the project instead of the collection of design fees. Our construction group takes ownership of the design to avoid future performance issues. The true design-build approach leads to better performing systems.

No Change Orders

With Limbach as Engineer-of-Record, there will be no change orders unless the customer requests a change in scope. The focus on performance is a result of the integration of engineering and construction.

Energy Efficient Design

By being united from the outset, we can readily incorporate high performance and energy efficient design goals. Through life cycle cost analysis and a variety of energy analysis techniques, we can determine the optimal solution for building system design. With our staff of LEED Accredited Professionals, we have the experience necessary to obtain certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. With this approach to sustainability, LEDS and Limbach can deliver a building that will perform at the highest level for the life of the building.