We have made safety a part of the cultural fabric of our Company, where all employees are entitled to a safe and healthful work environment.

The Hearts & Minds Forum

Under Charlie Bacon’s leadership, the Hearts & Minds Forum, comprised of representatives from each office, has the direct responsibility for overseeing the ongoing development, implementation and administration of all safety program policies and procedures.

Every employee in our Company needs to know what is expected of them. Detailed safety plans are developed and communicated to all employees. Our only goal is to be incident & injury free. Limbach’s performance is continuously measured and significantly impacts our year-end management evaluation.

A safety training program has been established to provide on-going education to enhance safety knowledge and performance. This program includes all Company employees and encourages attendance at outside courses sponsored by industry associations and professional safety societies. Many Company employees are certified safety trainers and take an active role in conducting safety training courses for not only Company employees, but also employees of other contractors and subcontractors.

We believe that safety and production do not compete, they complement each other and are equally critical to achieving our Corporate Mission.