LImbach History




Frank Limbach, a talented metal craftsman, creates a one-person roofing and sheet metal company in Pittsburgh, PA, with little but his own integrity and skill. The fledgling Frank Limbach Company manages to survive and grow by performing architectural, roofing and ventilation sheet metal work for residential, industrial and institutional customers.


Following his father’s retirement, Emil Limbach takes over The Frank Limbach Company. He carries on the company name and his father’s work ethic with a small shop, hand tools, a few supplies, and almost no capital.


With a $6,000 loan from his father, Emil Limbach sets out to create a growth business based on several closely related product lines. He identifies young, talented and ambitious tradesmen to whom he assigns a product or service area related to sheet metal work.


The Frank Limbach Company is one of only a handful of the entrepreneurial companies to weather the Great Depression.


Scott Limbach, Emil’s first son, begins his career with The Frank Limbach Company as a sheet metal apprentice. With the threat of war and the resulting defense build up, Limbach works on the construction of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and the assembly of military airplanes at Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica, CA.


Walter, Emil Limbach’s second son, joins The Frank Limbach Company. His initial responsibilities include plant management, personnel, and labor relations. Later that year, the business is reorganized into a partnership to be known as Limbach Company. Scott and Walter Limbach become partners.


Limbach Company undertakes its first major mechanical projects outside of Pittsburgh. These include the secret Defense Department Underground Headquarters in Camp Ritchie, MD and Fairchild Aircraft Plant in Hagerstown, MD.


Walter Limbach leads the development of the first branch outside Pittsburgh with the acquisition of Sauer Incorporated, the largest mechanical contractor in Columbus, OH. In the succeeding 47 years, the branch will handle major projects such as the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and the automotive assembly plant for Honda Motors in Marysville, OH.


Limbach Company creates its National Construction Department and later handles mechanical projects throughout the U.S.: high-rise office buildings in Buffalo, NY and Seattle, WA; GM assembly plant in Lordstown, OH.


Limbach serves as the HVAC contractor at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. It opens as the world’s first retractable roof facility.

Limbach is recognized as one of the top ten mechanical contracting companies in the nation. It is a ranking which the company never would relinquish.

three rivers stadium under construction


Limbach Company serves as the mechanical contractor at Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium, the first in a wave of modern-day sports stadiums.


Limbach Company expands its reach to the West Coast by purchasing Western Air in Los Angeles, one of LA’s largest mechanical contracting firms.


The new era of domed stadiums begins, bringing with it a host of mechanical construction challenges. Limbach Louisiana SuperdomeCompany is at the forefront of this wave by serving as the mechanical contractor for the Louisiana Superdome. Later that year, Limbach Company completes its role as the mechanical contractor for the 80,000 seat Pontiac Silverdome


Limbach Company serves as the mechanical contractor at the William B. Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, one of the busiest passenger airports in the world. The facility houses more than 14,000 individual pieces of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment, in addition to a chiller capacity of more than 15,000 tons.


Limbach Company continues its aggressive growth strategy by acquiring Harper Mechanical in Orlando, FL.


Limbach Company serves as the mechanical contractor for PPG Industries global headquarters in Pittsburgh, one of the city’s most distinguished office properties.

Harper Limbach Logo


Limbach Company is purchased by Vivendi, a French concern. As a result, the longtime family owned business is now able to capitalize on the resources provided by this multi-billion dollar global corporation. At the same time Willard and Limbach merge into one entity, LCI. Williard is one of the largest mechanical and electrical contractors in Philadelphia, PA.


Limbach Company serves as the mechanical contractor at the Georgia Dome, the largest cable-supported domed stadium in the world. The stadium requires 16,400 kilowatts of power to operate along with four 1,250-ton air conditioning units, which produce enough power to cool 1,666 homes.


Limbach Company continues its growth by acquiring Performance Mechanical Contractor, in Atlanta, GA . PMC was a leading mechanical contractor in the Atlanta area and Limbach thought the growth in this market would be an asset to the Limbach Group.


Enron Corp. acquires Limbach Company and Williard and creates Enron Facility Services as their parent company.

Charlie Bacon Limbach's CEO


Limbach acquires the PBM Company in Washington, D.C. One of the most active mechanical contractors in the Metropolitan D.C. and Northern Virginia areas. PBM/Limbach provides the mechanical systems and electrical wiring at the Watergate Hotel and several other landmark properties.


Limbach Company serves as the mechanical contractor at Pittsburgh’s new PNC Park, as well as the new Pittsburgh Convention Center, continuing its history of contribution to modernization of the City of Pittsburgh.


Limbach Company, in spite of its parent company’s bankruptcy, continues to provide uninterrupted services to its customers throughout the year. In December, company management acquires the business and assets of Limbach Company along with FdG Associates, a middle market private equity firm. The new company, which was named Compuware HQLimbach Facility Services LLC, will carry the company into its second hundred years of history and will be co-owned by FdG Associates and members of Limbach management.


Limbach Company undertakes its largest design build project in Detroit, MI. With over 1,000,000 square feet, the new Compuware Corporate Headquarters is the central feature in the redevelopment of the Campus Martius area of Detroit. The new headquarters will offer retail shops, restaurants, an employee cafeteria, day care and fitness center as well as office space and parking. The 16-story building, with 3,000 tons of cooling capacity, and a 14-story atrium, is reshaping the city’s skyline.


PNC Park PittsburghIn April, Limbach started a new chapter in the business with the addition of the President/CEO, Charlie Bacon. In addition, the Incident & Injury Free (IIF) Program is started company wide.


Limbach continues to grow and expand its business with the addition of service divisions at some of its locations with further expansion to all location in 2007.


Williard Limbach, in Philadelphia, PA, transitions into the standard brand of Limbach Facility Services.

Western Air Limbach Transitions to Limbach2011

Limbach’s California Branch, Western Air Limbach, drops the “Western Air” moniker, transitioning to the Limbach Company name. The change is part of a rebranding effort to unify Limbach approach to the US market, strengthening the Company’s nationally recognized, but locally committed identity.